Tuesday, December 29, 2015

 Classic Smith family Christmas portrait.  Christmas 2015

 A visit from Bill and Ruth Ann.

 Lauren working on Forrest''s Grinch antlers
 The most beautiful Christmas ham.

My first attempt at Grandma's traditional Red Velvet Cake.  It turned out pretty good
 The fixings for dressing are in the pan
 Annie opening her gift from Marion and Faye
 Making homemade ice cream.
 Christmas Eve lunch with Ragon and Megan

 Reed's gingerbread hobo house
 Lauren's stained glass window house
 Logan's sweet little Christmas cottage
Ben's Christmas cabin and Lane's impressive Christmas villa below

Monday, November 30, 2015

Logan and Forest Reunited

Forest wasn't sure who Logan was when he first saw him come in the room.  Once he realized who Logan was he was so happy to see him.

Thanksgiving 2015

Logan working on his table.

Lane and Papaw decorating for Christmas and Lane is looking at his collection of Hot Wheels cars that have been in the attic for years.

Home made ice cream for the first time ever.  Papaw said that when he was a kid they would make ice cream at Thanksgiving.  They had to go to the creek and chip the ice in order to make it though.

Cracking pecans that they picked up out back of the pole barn.
Somebody loves Reed.
It's time to eat!!!!

The traditional Thanksgiving ride on the Gator.